Design Process

About the Custom Home design processEvery home begins with a plan. There are several ways to find your perfect plan — ordering from catalogs or websites, reproducing a favorite style, sketching your own ideas, getting help from a professional architect, or using The Phillips Builders in-house design team. No matter what method you use, the design phase is a creative process interdependent on multiple factors which we monitor daily. The original plan is the starting point and this plan is flexible throughout the designing and building processes, making a truly custom built home.

The Phillips Builders have more than three decades of experience to help guide you through the entire design phase process.

Elements of the design phase include:

  • Understanding and translating your lifestyle, preferences and needs into a property site
  • Reviewing and/or investigating options and building a budget from design to build sequence
  • Fine-tuning drawings and/or creating alternative sketches to fit your preferences
  • Preparing contract documentation and specifications to align with the build phase
  • Establishing and maintaining guidelines for trade contractors and suppliers
  • Verifying design compliance, materials and methods at critical construction checkpoints
  • Maintaining quality control throughout the entire project

With superior level of experience and service, The Phillips Builders understand the importance of client communication. As a dedicated advocate of making your dream home a reality, we work in collaboration with you to turn your wish lists into a blueprint, establish a realistic budget for the project, and then monitor the cost and scope through the entire design and construction process.