Build Process

When construction begins, the build phase complements the design phase, utilizing the materials and products chosen, and proceeding in accordance with the contract documents and specifications. During this phase, The Phillips Builders focus on providing expert oversight to achieve the desired end result — on budget and schedule. What’s more, our established industry relationships ensure the homeowner is receiving the best materials and workmanship at a reasonable cost.

Always acting in your best interest and making sure your expectations are met are our top priorities. You’ll benefit from the assurance that we are carefully observing, reporting and advising on construction performance and design interpretation — enabling you to make informed decisions if or when design changes may be required.

Depending on your unique design plan, elements of the build phase can include construction elements such as:

Site Location: location, topography, water, geology, trees and vegetation, views, and noise considerations
Foundation: footings, walls, slabs, piers
Framing & Roofing: floor, wall and roof systems
Exterior Finishes: windows, doors, siding, gutters and downspouts
Plumbing: water supply, sanitary drainage, and sewer disposal
HVAC: heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems; trim package and vent caps
Electrical: light, heat, and operation of appliances and equipment, television, telephone, security
Insulation: floors, walls, and ceilings; weatherized doors, windows, and sills
Drywall: walls and ceilings, fireproofing, texture and trim
Interior Finishes: colors, textures, patterns, doors, hardware, trim, closet systems, cabinets, and floor coverings
Landscaping: vegetation, walks, drives, lighting, water drainage, gazebos, decks, patios, and gardens

For timely project completion and complete customer satisfaction, The Phillips Builders proficiently coordinate all construction elements and suppliers as integrated tasks for the goals of monitoring quality and ensuring the future value of your home.